Welcome to Shallowford Animal Hospital

Our Philosophy

From the inception of our practice, we have seen ourselves as dedicated professionals working together to do an excellent job for our clients, patients, and the profession. We attribute our success to our well-trained compassionate staff and the variety and quality services we offer.

The strong points of our philosophy are our teamwork attitude, our emphasis on communication, and maintaining a relaxed, family atmosphere. We believe in the delivery of modern medical treatment to our patients in the most compassionate and humane manner that we can carry out, as well as being caring and sensitive with our clients.

Our Clinic History

Dr. Charles Byles established Lakeside Veterinary Clinic in 1983. The original was located on Highway 58. The current location is on Shallowford Road. The name was changed to Shallowford Animal Hospital to better identify with it’s new location. Dr. Byles was a practicing veterinarian in Chattanooga for 40 years, becoming highly revered and beloved during that time, both for the care and interest he took in his professional career, and his participation in community events.

Dr. Catherine Mabe is a native to Chattanooga, and a 1986 graduate of the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. After practicing veterinary medicine in Rockville and Bethesda, MD, she returned to Chattanooga to become an associate of Dr. Charles Byles at Lakeside Veterinary Clinic in 1988. Upon Dr. Byles retirement in 1994, Dr. Mabe joined with Dr. Bearden in purchasing Lakeside Veterinary Clinic.

Dr. Troy Bearden is a native of Birmingham, Alabama, and a 1987 graduate of Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. Between 1987 and 1989 he practiced veterinary medicine as an associate in Chattanooga. In 1989 he established Mobile Animal Care, a house-call practice for dogs and cats. In addition to making house calls he provided relief veterinary services to many Chattanooga veterinary hospitals. In 1994 Dr. Bearden joined with Dr. Mabe in purchasing Lakeside Veterinary Clinic.

Upon Dr. Byles retirement in January 1994, Drs. Bearden & Mabe purchased Lakeside Veterinary Clinic. The clinic’s name was changed to Shallowford Animal Hospital in 1997. They have expanded the facilities previously provided, so that now Shallowford Animal Hospital provides full hospital, surgery, radiology, laboratory, and pharmacy facilities. Shallowford Animal Hospital has established a history and policy of the best professional care possible, with a personal, caring touch. Drs. Bearden & Mabe have carried on the tradition started by Dr. Byles, and plan to continue it for many years to come.

During this pandemic, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get my dog seen or even spayed and was worried for her health. Being able to bring her for a check up and be able to be present through a video call was very reassuring. I am so pleased!
Anonymous 6/2/20
Always so friendly and address any concerns I have.
Kim B. 5/18/20
Even though it was curb side service only, I still felt welcomed. Staff who came out to pick up my dogs was very friendly and caring. Everyone else I spoke with on the phone was polite and helpful.
Debbie B. 5/20/20
Everyone loves and takes wonderful care of my Vanna.
Jack T. 5/20/20
I was referred here by a family friend, and I can safely say I won’t take my fur baby anywhere else!! She leaves the doctor happy instead of scared now
McKenzy M. 5/15/20
Always professional, caring staff. They really care for your pets and for their pet owners. I would not take my dog anywhere else. Hero, my dog has been boarded there at least 5 times and l feel good knowing that he is being well taken care of.
Carmen B. 4/30/20
I really love that Shallowford calls to follow up the next day to make sure that my dog is okay. They are SO patient, and I just had my dog neutered, and even received a text when he was going into surgery. Love this Vet.
Alyssa Lipsey 4/10/20
Absolute great customer service, Dr. Perry is wonderful, thank you, Shelby & Brenda Williams
Anonymous 4/7/20
Always great service from very pleasant and knowledgeable staff.
Anonymous 4/7/20
Shallowford Animal Hospital has a wonderful, friendly and caring staff, capable of handling everything your pet needs with affordable care plans. While my dog may not always enjoy her visit, I certainly do!
Christina Sacco 3/10/20
Always great patient care, I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Byron Stutz 3/3/20
Excellent services available. Vets are extremely knowledgeable.
Jean K. 2/27/20
It’s always a wonderful experience when we visit. You guys are always ready to give us the best care ever. When I call, you always get us in ASAP. Love you office!
Mark R. 2/15/20
All the staff is very nice and caring.
Steven N. 2/6/20
Nice employees and doctors, our puppy has no problems with boarding or visits.
Amy R. 2/6/20
They are always polite & friendly. They are so good with my dog.
Anonymous 2/4/20
Just a great experience to take my dog to! It’s all I can ask for.
Anonymous 1/27/20
The staff is very professional and friendly.
Sabrina S. 1/24/20
Everyone was nice and very attentive. This is my family’s first time owning a cat and they didn’t make use feel like we had no clue.
Monique M. 1/17/20
Everyone on the staff is always willing to take extra time to research any issue that may arise. We always feel we are being listened to & not rushed in or out. Dr. Perry in particular goes above and beyond to provide us with the best care possible!
Peggy H. 1/16/20
I have used Dr. Mabe for more than 20 yrs. She and her staff treat my PETS with great care and respect. I trust them with all my heart with my very much-loved furry children.
Brenda H. 1/11/20
Shallowford Hospital is a friendly, knowledgeable place to bring our Bogey and we are always happy with his visits.
Anne K. 1/9/20
Dr. Hamilton and techs are the best!
Lynn P. 12/31/19
Very knowledgeable and caring. Good follow up.
Justin C. 12/27/19
All the staff are friendly, efficient, informative and great with my dog. I also like being on a monthly payment plan and its benefits.
Anonymous 12/13/19
The staff is always friendly and professional. Every visit feels like "coming home".
Tiffany S. 12/10/19
Been going for many years and just love it, never had any problem. Sasha just loves her doctor and so do I.
Renee C. 12/7/19
Excellent care has been provided for Sophie over the last 1 1/2 years while she has been sick. Dr. Mabe's care has evolved as needed. I am always informed of her status and medical changes. Shallowford staff is caring, compassionate, and dedicated.
Sandra J. 11/29/19
The staff is very caring. Dr.Hamilton, is filled with knowledge and over flows with compassion for your pets. I left with a reassuring feeling of comfort for my cat.
James G. 11/22/19
We like bringing Prissy here. Always feel she is being well taken care of. We even drive from Atlanta. That says a lot!
Susan W. 11/18/19
My Sparkie feels loved and love everyone there
Linda B. 11/10/19
Very professional and caring. Exam was very thorough; all questions answered. Have been coming to Shallowford Animal Hospital for many years; highly recommend.
Tamara H. 11/8/19
I have been very unhappy with the other vets used in the past! We are new to Shallowford Animal Hospital but so far we are very very pleased with the care we have received from everyone!
Michael L. 10/27/19
I truly appreciate the way the doctor approached Bailey. She literally performed her exam while on the floor! Bailey was super confused being in a new place and I feel like the way the exam was done made her much more comfortable.
Kelli T. 10/23/19
We moved from Colorado recently and looked on the web to find a good veterinarian. We found it at Shallowford. The three visits we have taken our dog Jerry have been great. They truly care and have given us great care and follow up for some issues.
Geoffrey K. 10/18/19
The whole staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I was able to get an appointment last minute which I really appreciated. The vet took time to answer all my questions. The environment was very clean. Overall great experience.
Kelly J. 9/29/19
Shallowford Animal Hospital is wonderful! My little fur baby, Frodo, is so very skittish when we go to the vet, bet everyone takes their time with him, allowing him to warm to them and end up having a grand time! Thank you!!!!
Karen C. 9/17/19
The vet and staff handled Blue's grumpiness very well. The vet answered my same question several times and was very patient. I was impressed at how the staff handled Blue, still like a cat not like a dog just cause he is so big.
Tanya F. 8/14/19
Where do I start? I have never had a puppy and we had a million questions. We took her in as what I considered to be a rescue. Everyone was SO patient with me and friendly. They walked me through each of my questions. Value was well worth it!
Bree M. 8/9/19
Friendly, helpful, & attentive service by all staff. Always kind to our pets & very concerned about any issues/questions we have during visit or by phone.
Julia H. 8/2/19
I felt that my animal was safe and secure while being boarded. My dog actually ran in the door so I know she was treated well.
Ray F. 8/1/19
Our doctor and nurse was so nice. I had so many questions and concerns they were happy to answer everything!
Lisa T. 7/20/19
I like everything about Shallowford Animal Hospital....the staff and facility. We’ve boarded Toby there twice in the last year and feel totally safe in doing so.
Elyse Y. 7/4/19
Dr. Perry understood and explained my concerns about Shelby in a way I understood. He and Darrell the vet tech were very gentle and loving with Shelby during the exam.
Frances M. 7/4/19